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North Carolina Quality Time // Myself

There are times when you really just need to be on your own to just sit and think.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit and think about my future. I graduate college in a few weeks and I begin an entirely new chapter of my life 100% on my own. If I wasn’t so excited, it would be a scary thought. I got to thinking about all of my experiences that had led me up to this point in my life. How no matter what I do or what happens to me, everything seems to work itself out for the best.

There I sat with my family, buried in the North Carolina mountains near Grandfather Mountain. Crisp, misty mornings lead to cool, clear nights. I didn’t talk much, rather just thought about directions that I wanted to go with my life and my business and what was most important to me. Where to go when I graduate college in a few weeks. What I planned on doing when I graduated. How I could make my photography reflect my feelings as far as how I present my work.

During the past few months I’d given serious thought to moving across the country to be somewhere new. The more I thought about it with a clear head though, I love the South. I love being in Nashville. The opportunities are almost endless at this point. I know that I have wanderlust and I may not stay here forever but it’s a great place to start. I’m young enough to travel frequently. I love traveling but I’d love to come home to a place like Nashville. Events happen all over the country all the time. It’s going to require a lot of work on my part but I know I’ll have the chances to travel and shoot. There is nothing wrong with staying put at this point in my life.

Over the winter I will be searching for the best vendors to use for prints, albums, frames and packaging. For 2013 I will be presenting my work in a print format for every shoot I do as well as web sized images. This is the biggest change I will make. I feel that having something tangible to hold and feel is more important than seeing something immediately on a computer screen. Sure, you might see a preview when I receive film from the lab but from now on, everyone I have the pleasure of working with will see shoots in their entirety in print. Being able to physically hold a photograph is an experience that you can’t replicate by opening a file off of a disc or on your hard drive. Being able to physically flip through the images of a day that was special to you is a whole emotion in itself. You stop and remember what you were feeling when that photograph was taken. The emotions that were apart of that brief moment in time come trickling back. These feelings are important to me.

I already shoot a lot of personal work and I want to keep it that way. I think it’s a good way to keep your style while letting it continue to evolve. Personal work for me is for looking back on times that have past. It’s a way to always remember feelings you had, people you knew, places you travelled to and experiences you had. Remembering people and the times you had is one of the most important reasons that I love what I do. Whether it’s for myself or other people, capturing memories is a passion.

I did a lot of thinking. This is a small portion of the thoughts that rushed through my head for those short few days away from civilization. Sometimes, a few days away from the drama of the rest of the world is what your soul needs. I’m excited to see what 2013 has in store for me.

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – C.S. Lewis

Andrew Zerick - Love it bro!

kathy stacy - Wonderful Brennan!!

- wow Brennan!! this is a very inspiring post! definitely need to do some soul searching of my own in my business & personal life; thanks for putting yourself out there!!

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