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What it’s all about

So today I was sitting around eating a PB&J while working on some summer class work when I got an email that some film scans had begun uploading via . I immediately knew which set this was. It was Whitney and Matt’s wedding that I shot two weeks ago in Jonesville, Virginia at Whitney’s family house. They had an absolutely gorgeous backyard venue with an amazing view over looking the mountains of Virginia. The dress was nice, the venue was stunning, but the most beautiful part of this day was the moment when Whitney and her grandfather asked for photos together. There was more emotion in this one brief moment than there was in the entire day. There were about 2o family members or so standing watching this moment unfold.

This is what it’s all about.

Moments like these are the most important parts of life and I can say that I feel truly honored to be able to capture, share and retell the stories of these moments with the people that they matter to the most. I feel blessed to be able to capture on film, moments like this.

Claire McKissick - You certainly captured the genuine loved between Whitney and her Grandfather. These are rare photos indeed.

- What a beautiful set of images. The bride will cherish these forever :)

- K, I just belted out like a 10 second ‘Awwwwww!’. Nicely done!

- This is what family is all about. Lovely pictures. x

- WOW. So heartfelt. Amazing shots.

Darcy - I can feel the love and emotion!

- How completely sweet and touching…

- nail on the head… that is what it’s all about. awesome.

- Such a beautiful moment!!

- Beautiful moments of love and emotions. Great work.

- I don’t know this couple but even I got a little misty eyed looking at these photos. That really says something about your work. Great job, man!

Jon - It is too bad the only thing in focus is his tie

brennan - the moment is far more important than the focus that is slightly off

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