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The Ulmers

A few Saturdays ago I went to meet up with Josh Ulmer of to just take a few photos to do some testing on new film that I had gotten but it soon turned into shooting a bit of their whole family. Taking photos of a family outside of a wedding has never been easier. They are pretty awesome. Here is what we got.

- these are great B!

- Great stuff. Looking at these makes me miss the cold winters that I used to experience in the UK. Loving Josh’s beard and hair combo too, may have to give that look a go myself. x

- Thanks for getting some shots of Josh’s beard before it gets hacked in half! Also, we are in love with these small family moments you captured! You rock!

Beata - This shoot is gorgeous!
I’d love to be able to do this :)

Beata - Do you mind if I ask what film etc you did these with?
Thank you!

brennan - not at all! This was all shot on expired Portra 160NC and Portra 400NC

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