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Marathon, Florida Vacation Photography // Part 2

To finish off the rest of our trip I ventured to Miami to visit some photographer friends that included Brian Storey and Drew Blood. We attempted all day to find a model since it was Miami Fashion Week but they were all in interviews and stuff so…FAIL. We did, however, have a great time just walking and talking. Definitely gonna make a trip back down there soon to visit with them again. We also went to Key West for a night so Matt and Kristen could go on their little sunset cruise and be all super cute together. Blah. That left me and Zach to stroll around in the heat. Which was unbearable. Wow it was hot. We also smoked on some good cigars that night. Before that we checked out the Dolphin Research Center that Kristen works at. Uh-mazing views. Wish I could have had time to swim with the dolphins but there weren’t any spots available while we were visiting. The end of the trip was capped off with an amazing sunset right before we hit the road again. Overall, amazing trip with some of the best friends I have. Can’t wait to go back.

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