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Imogene + Willie

There is something special about owning a quality, handmade item. Someone has put their time and effort into something that they are passionate about. The fine people down at are some of the best at what they do. They make jeans and other garments. I don’t remember how I heard of them but I remember that I really liked what they were about. They put all importance on having goods made in the USA. Using old techniques, they fashion some of the finest clothing that I have worn.¬†Going into Imogene + Willie for the first time in April, I was unsure what to expect. I was greeted with smiles and a handshake. They stopped to chat for a few minutes before I even got around to asking questions about jeans. It was like they cared about me as a person before I was a customer. I was completely taken aback when I tried on the first, last pair of jeans I’ll ever own. They went to pinning and asking me how I liked my jeans to fit. After it was all said and done, I had a custom fitting pair of jeans that would last me a very long time and were fit specifically to me. Those jeans are worth every single penny that I spent that day. That is only the physical aspect of what they are about.

On an emotional, and more important level, it’s what they are about. They put all importance on having “Made in the U.S.A.” items. They focus on the customer. I have been to the Imogene + Willie brick and mortar store a few times since April and every single time I have been greeted with a “Hey man, it’s good to see you again.” ¬†Every person that walks through that door is a friend. Whenever I walk in, there are people chatting with the staff because they have built relationships based on being friends first. They go out of their way to make sure everyone gets specialized, custom service every time they go in. They might look like just a shop but to the community, they are something more. They host events and attend shows to be apart of the growing community in Nashville that feels the same way they do.

Nashville is a hot bed for one of a kind shops and stores that focus on handmade items and building strong customer relationships. Moving there in January will be a great thing and I look forward to being apart of this growing community of artists who really care about helping each other and the communities in which they live.

And make sure to give this video a watch.

- Solid gold on the words and photos front buddy. Well done.

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