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Friend // Zach Coombs

Zach Coombs. Ah, the times we have had. I remember meeting Zach in high school because we were both in band. He played trumpet and I played trombone. We had the same classes in high school in our engineering design classes. I remember our teacher telling us she would give us A’s as long as we helped the other students in the class. We parted ways when I came to college my freshman year then I found out that he decided to attend Tennessee Tech in Cookeville as well and we immediately hit it off again. Ever since my sophomore year of college, we have been near inseparable.┬áHe’s pretty much one of those people I can count on to always just come and chill.┬áThere are quite a few rather fun drives just outside of town that take us to some very nice parts of the country where we can just talk and hang out. We can usually be found blasting down North or South Willow or down Washington towards Standing Stone State Park. Since we both have an obsession with cars, this is fun for us. He drives a E46 M3 that appears that it’s seen better days but it’s driven daily and driven hard. Solid all around performing car that seems to get better and better with each part that goes on it. Next up, Frozen Red vinyl wrap and Forgestar wheels? I think yes. Here’s to you buddy, looking forward to many, many more years of friendship.

Kieran - That M3 is DOPE, love the B&W dude!

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