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Dobyns-Bennett Wind Ensemble

Recently, I was contracted by my former high school band director to shoot “creative” group portraits and individual shots of the members of the Dobyns-Bennett Band Wind Ensemble. I knew from the start that this had to be something way different than the normal group shot on the stage and shots of the students with their instruments standing awkwardly in the hallway. I had them contact the owners of the Exchange Place in Kingsport, TN to see if we could use their facilities for these images. I knew having them in full concert attire in a rustic environment would look awesome. It was similar to shooting a bridal party with the amount of people and that I was given creative freedom to get what they were looking for. I think everything came out pretty well! Make sure and check out their website as well. .

This is Mr. Cook and his family. The band is honestly a family thing. I can’t remember any of my four years playing in the band when Mr. Cook didn’t have his kids at a rehearsal or performance and Heather, his wife, is also the drum major instructor.

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