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One Shot // Ronnie’s Twin Turbo Gallardo

If you know me, you know that I’m a huge car guy. Always have and always will be. When I first heard that my buddy had gotten his (second) Gallardo back from Underground Racing in Charlotte, NC I knew that I had to shoot it. Car is insanely fast. With 1000 all wheel horsepower under your right foot, there is plenty of fun to be had;)(all on a legal, closed track of course). It’s hard for me to get excited to shoot cars anymore like I used to but when something like this comes a long its hard to pass up. Just thought I’d post up one from the very brief shoot we had right before I came back to Cookeville. 

- Ahhh I’m so jealous! This looks great!

Dobyns-Bennett Wind Ensemble

Recently, I was contracted by my former high school band director to shoot “creative” group portraits and individual shots of the members of the Dobyns-Bennett Band Wind Ensemble. I knew from the start that this had to be something way different than the normal group shot on the stage and shots of the students with their instruments standing awkwardly in the hallway. I had them contact the owners of the Exchange Place in Kingsport, TN to see if we could use their facilities for these images. I knew having them in full concert attire in a rustic environment would look awesome. It was similar to shooting a bridal party with the amount of people and that I was given creative freedom to get what they were looking for. I think everything came out pretty well! Make sure and check out their website as well. .

This is Mr. Cook and his family. The band is honestly a family thing. I can’t remember any of my four years playing in the band when Mr. Cook didn’t have his kids at a rehearsal or performance and Heather, his wife, is also the drum major instructor.

Becca and Andrew

I am very excited to debut a new style of “engagement” session that I’m working on that doesn’t only have to be for engaged couples. Becca and Andrew were my test subjects for this new session that I will be offering called “Quality Time.” Here is a teaser for now.

sweet sally


This is my first ever blog post so bear with me. I wasn’t sure what to put in this first blog post and I have been racking my brain trying to figure it out then it hit me. I don’t need to make this another “about me” or a “bio” because there are other places for that. This needs to be like any other blog post I plan on making.

I have had a few questions why I have had this site up and haven’t put up any content yet. Sure, I could put up “My Favorite Images of 2011″ or “Some of my wedding/portrait work” but I am a firm believer that anyone looking for a photographer needs to see their latest work and my latest work wasn’t taken during the Summer or Fall of 2011 or any other time before that. My latest work is work that has happened since my blog has been live. I can honestly say that I have been busy. Not only do I shoot weddings and portraits but I am also a full time college student. I will graduate this December and I can’t wait. That is my number one priority. I do promise to have a set or two up within the next few weeks including the first wedding of 2012 that I worked with  in Nashville.

I’m looking forward to dropping some recent work and hopefully continuing working throughout the year. Not only will you get to see my work here but I will also be posting information as I finalize my packaging and branding as well as posts about my travels. I fully intend on making this a blog based on everything I do with a camera, which is everything.

By the way, a big shout out goes to for making me look halfway decent for a few of these pictures.

- Welcome to the interwebs!