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Melissa + Robert // Teaser

Had an absolutely amazing engagement session with Chelsey Somohano of . I will be shooting Melissa and Robert’s wedding with her in November and I seriously hope it goes as well as their engagement session did. Can’t wait to get some film back from this session. 

Quality Time // Becca + Andrew

Quality Time. This is a big thing I have been working on for a while now. I am not a big fan of staged, cutesy, posed shots of people sitting in a field or frolicking through the tall grass. Don’t get me wrong, it looks great, that’s just not my style. I document peoples days while they are doing things that they want to do. If people are foodies, I tell them to pick their favorite restaurants and visit them, if people are really outdoorsy then I tell them to pick their favorite trails and hike. JUST TO BE TOGETHER. That’s what love is about, being together doing things that you enjoy. I’m going to offer two different packages for this: a full day session and a half-day session. I let couples interact with as little interaction with myself as possible. I treat them the same way I treat weddings, if you guys are waking up and going to be doing something at 6am, I’ll be there. If you guys are going to be out bar hopping with friends till 3am as apart of your day, I’ll be there. I am on your schedule. Be on the lookout for a few more of these in the coming months.

Becca and Andrew were my guinea pigs for this first session. It helps that Becca, Andrew and I are friends. As you will see, they are big food people. Local restaurants are their favorites and they just enjoy each others company so we chose to hop from restaurant to restaurant and do little things in between. Other plans for spending time with friends at their favorite bar/lounge here in Cookeville had to be put on hold for unforeseen issues unfortunately but perhaps a follow up with that will happen later;)Their day started mid morning around 10am when she traditionally cooks breakfast in bed and followed that with a “spirited” drive down some fun country roads.

Sweet Sallie’s in Cookeville, TN is a favorite among all the locals in town. They serve everything from pastries and coffee to full meals. They both enjoy just coming here to work. Since Andrew and Becca’s work both allow them to work from a laptop, this place is a perfect fit.

Crawdaddy’s is a very well known local restaurant and bar that specializes in cajun style food from Louisiana and the surrounding areas.

Mauricio’s holds a special place in both of their hearts. They had their first date here.

- Such a great session. And I LOVE the name ;)

- you know my feelings on this set sir. you killedddddd it!

- This whole set makes me want to hang out in TN! So good!

Fall Creek Falls, TN // Daily Snaps

My Spring Break was a few weeks ago and being the starving artist/college student that I am, I was forced to remain in Cookeville instead of going to the beach or another exotic location. It wasn’t too awful bad, my old room mate came up and one day he, myself and another one of our friends decided to take a small hike at Fall Creek Falls. Instead of going to the falls like we normally do, we decided to hike to the huge overlook so we could be daredevils and hang our feet over the edge. I also thought it would be a good chance to take the Leica out for a bit and see how using a rangefinder and hiking went together. Not too bad I must say. All of this was shot on Kodak Portra 160NC through a Leica M3 and 50mm Summicron and developed by my friends at . The shot below is an old shot just to show what the overlook is like. That was taken on Kodak Ektar 100. All in all, that’s what I like to call a successful Spring Break. I got to hang out with some close friends and be outside in the nice weather, which to me is more valuable than just hanging on the beach.

- Nice pictures – I work at Tennessee Tech for Alliance for the Cumberlands, and we promote the surrounding plateau region. Other region’s in the Appalachians get 50 times more searches on Google than the Cumberlands and your post helps other folks be more aware of the immense beauty in this region – We have a Web site to help people discover all the best nature sites at – Let me know what you think and if its useful in deciding your next adventure.


Katy Bishop // Nashville Musician

Katy Bishop is a recording artist from Jonesboro, Arkansas. Luckily for me, she visits Nashville quite a bit to play and record. I think I met Katy two years ago playing at a local venue. I walked up after she finished playing a round and handed her one of my business cards not really expecting them to call me back about shooting but sure enough they did. I’m so glad they did. I don’t think there has been one bad shoot that I have had with her. This outing was no different. I saw on Facebook (gotta love social networking) that she was going to be back visiting Nashville to do a little singing. I made sure I got off work since it had been a solid 4 months since I had gotten to hang out with her. We also decided to set up a small shoot in the Belmont area. This is just a small sample of the stuff I got. All film.

Oh, and check out her site!

- Killer set sir.

brennan - Thanks buddy!

- looks awesome man. can’t beat dem film tones. portra 400?

Lauren + Ryan // Nashville, TN Wedding

So, I’ve been shooting weddings for a little over a year now. I’m lucky in the fact that I get to share a couples most important day with them and that I get to make a ton of new friends. Not just the couple but also other vendors and photographers. Two of those people are Chelsey Somohano and Evan Hurst of . I’ve worked with them on more than a few weddings and loved every minute of it. This was one of those weddings. It was a first for me shooting a wedding on film and most of the images you will see were done on film and it was also the first wedding of the year. I hadn’t been this excited to get out and shoot again in a long time and I must say, it’s exactly what I needed. Looking forward to the 4 weddings I have booked for this year as well (so far;))

- Fantastic! Tones are beautiful!

Mike D - Such a solid set man!

Kayla M - So beautiful! Amazing.

- Nice work mate.. love the morning coverage :)

- awesome work man. I love these.

- Breath taking! It’s such a nice personable feel to your photos!