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Kayla Stacy // East Tennessee Bridal Photography

Last weekend I had the honor of being in one of my best friends wedding. Before that however, I had the pleasure of being able to capture his beautiful bride in her dress for her bridal photos. All I gotta say is, wow. Andy, you married up. Kayla was absolutely beautiful and rocked this session. No words can express the feeling to be asked to do these for not only two photographers but by your best friends. Love you guys.

All images taken with a Leica M3 and Mamiya 645 AFD with Portra 400 and Fuji Pro400H

- Rocked it Brennan.. she is gorgeous but the photos are just sublime.

chris o - Brennan, you make me want to turn Mormon and find a second wife, JUST so you could shoot the wedding. Beautiful work.

Jessi - These are gorgeous, and so is she! Killed it.

Friend // Brian

Brian has been a good friend since my senior year of high school. In my high school years I met 90% of my friends through cars. There was a local forum called Full Throttle Forums where a bunch of local car guys around the ages of 16-35 just chatted. It was mostly random nonsense that had almost nothing to do with cars but we all had something in common. There were guys on there with Stis, Evos, 240SXs, muscle car guys and there were even a few with higher end cars like a couple supercharged Vipers and a twin turbo UGR Gallardo. There was always trash talk going on but in general everyone kept the peace and loved to meet up. I had kind of met Brian on there and knew he went to the high school right down the road. I had been complaining about working on Calculus and he said he could maybe help me out. So we met up one day, attempted to work on it and got absolutely nothing done. What I lost in my Calculus homework, I gained in one of my best friends I have ever had. From then on, we hung out all the time. Every time I go home, I make it a point to see my friends and go do stuff like we used to do. I might not get to go home and see everyone as much anymore but we always seem to have a good time either way. It’s nice to go back and hang out with people you only see once every one or two months. When you walk in the door and it’s like you never left. We might have gone down two different paths of spending money, myself towards photography and most of them towards their cars, but we still all have that one thing in common. That’s what I love about my friends.

These shots were taken at one of our favorite places to hang out. It’s Rt 421 or from Bristol to Mountain City. 33 miles, 489 curves, 3 mountains and one valley. We also like to call it Shady Valley, which is the valley that it runs through, or just 421. As car and bike guys, this is a blast for us. It’s way out of cell phone service and there is a small place called the Country Store in the middle of Shady Valley that has some amazing hot dogs called “Shady Dogs.” I don’t think it’s that the hot dogs taste any better than anywhere else so much as what they represent. They have given us all a reason to just go out of town and drive and hang out with each other, which matters to me more than anything else.

Family // Dad

This is the first of an ongoing series of photographs that I want to continue with. I feel that family and friends are the most important things in your life and I want to be able to remember down the road the best parts of these people in my life.

This is my dad. He has been there for me through the good times and bad times. He has always wanted for me to be greater than what he was. I think that is something that every father wants for his son or daughter but it feels like he tries harder than most. As much as he grinds things into my head and I resist, I still take at least a little bit from everything he says. He thinks I’m not listening but I am. I’ve learned from mistakes just like he had to. Most of the time the hard way. He has always said to me “I’m telling you about my mistakes to help you dodge some of the bumps in the road.” I know I have managed to hit many of those “bumps in the road”  on my own, sometimes pretty hard but he has and always will be there to help me recover. These images are from a few weeks ago when we went to the gun range. At every point in my life, there has been something that keeps us together. When I was a kid, it was playing baseball and basketball. When I grew up a little more, it was working on my first car together. Recently, it has been shooting. There has always been a need for something that we have in common to pull us together. Guns are a good way to just spend time with each other. Kind of like playing golf (which he does, I do NOT play golf at all) you have your good days and your really bad days at the range but it’s not so much about how you play but just getting out and doing it together. I love you dad.

Kayla Stacy // East Tennessee Bridal Photography // One Frame

This past weekend I had the honor of being apart of two of my best friends wedding at in East TN. I watched as a groomsman as two of my best friends get married. The feelings that I felt from that were immense. A few weeks before that, however, I was asked to take Kayla’s bridal photographs. When another photographer chooses you to shoot something this meaningful for them you feel a strong sense of accomplishment. When your best friends ask you to shoot something this meaningful for them you feel something that you can’t put into words. Congratulations Kayla and Andy.

You can also see their amazing work on their website >>>  

Here is just one frame for now. Many more to come within the next few days.

east tennessee bridal photography

Marathon, Florida Vacation Photography // Part 2

To finish off the rest of our trip I ventured to Miami to visit some photographer friends that included Brian Storey and Drew Blood. We attempted all day to find a model since it was Miami Fashion Week but they were all in interviews and stuff so…FAIL. We did, however, have a great time just walking and talking. Definitely gonna make a trip back down there soon to visit with them again. We also went to Key West for a night so Matt and Kristen could go on their little sunset cruise and be all super cute together. Blah. That left me and Zach to stroll around in the heat. Which was unbearable. Wow it was hot. We also smoked on some good cigars that night. Before that we checked out the Dolphin Research Center that Kristen works at. Uh-mazing views. Wish I could have had time to swim with the dolphins but there weren’t any spots available while we were visiting. The end of the trip was capped off with an amazing sunset right before we hit the road again. Overall, amazing trip with some of the best friends I have. Can’t wait to go back.