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Personal // Nashville Film Shooters Meet-Up

I’ve said it before but I really do think we have one of the best, if not the best, communities in the country for group help. I talk with quite a few people all over the country and they all say that what we do here in Nashville is nothing like what they have. I…

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What it’s all about

So today I was sitting around eating a PB&J while working on some summer class work when I got an email that some film scans had begun uploading via Indie Film Lab. I immediately knew which set this was. It was Whitney and Matt’s wedding that I shot two weeks ago in Jonesville, Virginia at…

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Family Time // MaryGrace’s Graduation

Living away from home has its disadvantages but every once in a while I get to make it home for something special. A few weeks ago my little sister graduated high school. Of course I had to come into town for that. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long, I literally got home at 3am after work,…

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It’s been a while

Yeah, it’s been quite a while since I have posted anything on here. I know this. School has been sucking up all of my life since March but that has changed since summer has begun and I must say that it is off to a solid start. Had a beautiful backyard wedding last weekend in…

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Fall Creek Falls, TN // Daily Snaps

My Spring Break was a few weeks ago and being the starving artist/college student that I am, I was forced to remain in Cookeville instead of going to the beach or another exotic location. It wasn’t too awful bad, my old room mate came up and one day he, myself and another one of our…

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